National holidays in Thailand

1 January (Tuesday) New Year’s Day
Wan Khun Pee Mai 
National Holiday; the beginning of the Western New Year is a national holiday in Thailand
12 January (Saturday) Children’s Day celebrated on the second Saturday in January, this day is marked by feasts organized by children
16 January (Wednesday) Teacher’s Day a special day when students make merit for their teachers (who are highly regarded in Thailand)   
25 January (Friday) Thai Army Day marked by military parades and the King reviewing the army
7 February (Thursday) Chinese New YearWan Trut Chin with 10 percent of Thailand’s population having ancestors who emigrated from China in the last century, this day is marked by celebrations throughout the country; some businesses may be closed but it is not an official national holiday
14 February (Thursday) Valentine’s Day a very popular day in Thailand for sending flowers and small gifts, and for marriage registrations
21 February (Thursday) Magha Puja
Makha Bucha
National Holiday; celebrates the Buddha’s first sermon to his disciples
6 April (Sunday) Chakri Day National Holiday; commemorates the founding of the current dynasty by Rama I
13-14-15 April (Sunday/Monday/Tuesday) Thai New Year
National Holiday; the traditional Thai new year, celebrated as a three-day water festival
1 May (Thursday) National Labour Day National Holiday; International Labor Day is a national holiday in Thailand
5 May (Monday) Coronation Day National Holiday; celebrates the day in 1949 when Rama IX was crowned
9 May (Friday) Royal Ploughing Ceremony Government Holiday; held at Sanam Luang in Bangkok (near Wat Phra Kaew), this important event singals the start of the rice-planting season
19 May (Monday) VesakVisakha Bucha National Holiday; the holiest Buddhist holiday celebrates the birth, enlightenment, and entry into nirvana of the Buddha
12 June (Thursday) Wai Kruh Day
Wan Kruh
(’Day of the Teacher’)    students collectively pay respect to their teachers by giving a golden tray with three kinds of flowers - the ixora, in Thai called ‘kem’, the flower of the ‘makeua’ or eggplant, and a lotus
26 June (Thursday)    Sunthorn Phu Day
Sunthorn Phu
Thailand’s highest-regarded poet is honored by poetry recitals, plays, and puppet shows throughout the country
1 July (Tuesday) Mid-Year Day Bank Holiday
17 July (Thursday) Asalha Puja
Asanha Bucha
Theravada Buddhist public holiday
18 July (Friday) Buddhist Lent (Vassa)
Khao Phansa
National Holiday; this day marks the beginning of the Buddhist “lent” period, a time when monks are supposed to retreat to their temples while new life springs forth
12 August (Tuesday) Queen’s Birthday
Wan Mae Heng Chat 
National Holiday; also celebrated in Thailand as Mother’s Day
22 September (Monday) Mid-Autumn Festival also known as the Moon Cake Festival, this Chinese holiday is celebrated with a special kind of sweet cake filled with sesame seeds, ground lotus seeds, and eggs
14 October (Tuesday) End Of Buddhist Lent Day Theravada Buddhist event marking the end of the three-month rain retreat for monks
23 October (Thursday) Chulalongkorn Day National Holiday; celebrates the birthday of King Rama V
13 November (Thursday) Loy Krathong Festival religious festival observed on the full moon of the 12th lunar month by floating a krathong boat in nearby rivers or ponds
5 December (Friday) H.M. The King’s Birthday National Holiday; also celebrated as National Day and Father’s Day
10 December (Wednesday) Constitution Day National Holiday; commemorates the date in 1932 when Thailand was granted its first constitution
25 December (Thursday) Christmas Day while not an official public holiday in Thailand, it is widely celebrated by the Thai people (who love any excuse to have fun) as well as foreign workers and tourists
31 December (Wednesday) New Year’s Eve National Holiday; the day before the Western New Year’s Day is always a national holiday in Thailand