If you are planning your next vacation and looking for some real fun in the sun, book a ticket to Phuket, Thailand.

Phuket (Poo-get) is Thailand’s biggest island and smallest region.  The word Phuket is a derivative of the Malay word, bukit which means mountain or hill, a very fitting name because this island is generally mountainous with lush green forest covering 70 percent of its land.  But Phuket is not all mountains and forests, on its west side lies enchanting and breathtaking beaches recognized worldwide.

If you want to enjoy the beach and wants to experience Phuket’s nightlife at the same time, Patong Beach is the place to go.  It is Phuket’s leading beach resort and is known for its nightlife.  Quieter beaches will be Bang Tao, Kamala, Karon, and the Kata Noi Beach.  If you’re a surfer, Kata Yai Beach can sure perk up your surfer mood.  Go to Ao Chalong Beach to see Phuket’s famous yacht anchorage.  These are just some of Phuket’s commendable beaches.  Expect them to be jam-packed with tourists especially during the months of November until May, when Phuket’s weather is at its finest.  If you’re going during the monsoon season, be sure to exercise caution when hitting off the beaches because many of these beaches have strong current during the course of this season.  It is also advisable to avoid nudity even in the beaches because Thais deem it as extremely offensive.  Although they are non-confrontational by nature, observing norms won’t hurt you anyway.

When you’re done having your tan, try more adventurous activities, like elephant riding.  This experience will sure last a lifetime’s memory and is a good means of supporting the remaining domesticated elephants of Thailand and their mahouts.  You can also immerse yourself with culture by visiting Phuket’s cultural theme park, Phuket Fantasea in Kamala Beach.  Phuket Fantasea is an absolute escape into a flashy, shimmering carefree world.  It features live spectacular theatrical shows loaded with extraordinary dance routines, colorful costumes, vivacious music and magic.  You can stretch your legs and have a walk to Wat Chalong.  It is a gorgeous Buddhist temple found in the southern tip of the island and home to the Buddha’s statues Poh Than Jao Wat and Nonsi.  You can also go to the newly renovated Phuket Aquarium.  This is akin to Singapore’s famous aquarium with its newest attraction, the 10-meter long glass tunnel.

In Phuket, there’s always something amusing to do.  Food is astonishingly cosmopolitan and seafoods are incredibly delicious.  You can sunbathe and get that perfect tan in its marvelous beaches, snorkel and dive in its neighboring islands, sail and golf all at the same time.  The list of must do’s while in Phuket goes on and on.  You’ll never get bored in this place because Phuket’s days and nights are equally entertaining.  Its nightlife is one of the busiest in Thailand, aside from Pattaya.  It has a wide array of clubs, bars and discos.  You’ll sure wish to stay for longer once you’ve experience all the things Phuket has to offer.

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