Over a third of Thailand’s more than 12 million annual visitors come to visit Pattaya.  It is a lively, modern and ever-expanding city.  It is Thailand’s biggest resort center and can also be regarded as its capital of fun.  This place will sure allow you to let your hair down and set all your worries free.

Pattaya,   which should be pronounced not as “Patt-eye-yah” but “Patti-yah” actually means monsoon wind blowing from the south west.  It is located in the heart of Thailand and just more or less two hours drive from Bangkok.  Expect to be captivated by Pattaya because this exemplary multicultural city will offer any visitor a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities, satisfaction guaranteed!

Being located in the coastal part of central Thailand it has been endowed with dazzling beachfronts coupled with numerous water sports activities.  You can go swimming, jet skiing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, parasailing – almost any water activity imaginable is possible in the beaches of Pattaya!  Most popular of these beaches would be the Pattaya and Jomtien Beach.  Pattaya Beach can be best described as a sophisticated seafront budding with luxury and modern conveniences.  On the other hand, Jomtien Beach is quieter, least crowded and a more laid back beachfront.  You can peacefully  and truly enjoy the sea breeze here with an added bonus of cheap seafoods.

Pattaya is also a shopping haven.  It is profusely steaming with pedestrian vendors, shopping malls, shops and stalls.  You can find almost anything and everything tradable here, ranging from the very pricey products to the amazingly cheap goods.  Clothings, household things, handicrafts, gems, electronics to the fake Rolexes are just some of the products sold here.  But please be warned that quality of products greatly varies, but you can be totally confident that even the least likely shopper will stumble upon a bargain in Pattaya’s shopping areas.

Days and nights in Pattaya are proven promising.   If you are a party animal, it will surely live up to your expectations.  Take your pick from its pub restaurants, hot go-go bars, beer gardens, trendy discos to its controversial transsexual cabaret shows.  Walking Street is considered as Pattaya’s top nightlife area.

If you want a more traditional experience,  head down to Thanon Sukhumvit to Nong Enoch Village.  Here you’ll be welcomed by traditional dancers, breathtaking natural scene and friendly elephants.  Also try to visit the Bottle Art Museum which features miniature replicas of the world’s famous places contained in glass bottles.  The Sanctuary of Truth is an exquisite proof of authentic Thailand ingenuity.  This place boasts of a remarkable large temple with gorgeous wooden sculpture reflecting Thais ancient vision of earth and its philosophy.

Although Pattaya may not be as rich in historical monuments as other  part of Thailand, a visit to other attractions like the Sriracha Tiger Zoo, The Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, Suan Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Pattaya’s Underwater World, Elephant Village, Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm is sure to give you an equally satisfying holiday!  See for yourself how Pattaya is packed with amusing diversions and brimming with unusual sights worth your every dollar!

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