King Bhumibol:  An Incomparable Power

His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej or King Rama IX is Thailand’s longest reigning monarch and the world’s longest serving head of state.  Offspring of HRH Prince Mahidol Adulayadej and Mom Sangwal, who was later known as Somdej Phra Sri Nakarindhara Boromaratchachonnani.  Thailand’s King was born on the 5th of December year 1927 in Massachusetts, United States of America.    His name, Bhumibol Adulyadej can be translated into “Strength of the Land, Incomparable Power”.

Bhumibol received   his primary education in Bangkok’s Mater Dei school.  Their family left for Switzerland in 1933 where he furthered his education.  He obtained his high-school diploma with French, Latin and Greek as his major at Gymnase Classique Cantonal of Lausanne.  Later on, he became enthralled by the dynamics of things, so he took up engineering at a Swiss University in 1946.  It was also this period when the role of kingship fell upon his hands, his older brother King Ananda died tragically.  This altered the course of Bhumibol’s life and that of Thailand.  His coronation was delayed for almost four years to enable the young King to complete his formal education.  He was crowned Monarch of the Kingdom of Thailand on May 05, 1950.  But one year before his Coronation, he was engaged to a Thai’s diplomat daughter, Mom Rajawongse Sirikit Kittiyakara and was married on the 28th of April.

He has been Thailand’s king for almost half a century now.  King Bhumibol is deeply honored and respected by the people of Thailand.  He is Thailand’s symbol of hope, its guiding light and an emblem of unity in the entire kingdom.  He functions not only as the Thailand’s head of state but also the Head of the Armed Forces, he is also the Upholder of the Buddhist religion and all other religions in the country.  The Thais called him King 'Phra Chao Phaen Din' which translates to ‘Lord of the Land’, ‘Phra Chao Yu Hua' which means ‘Lord Upon the Heads’ and 'Chao Chiwit' meaning ‘Lord of Life’.  These names associated with King Bhumibol only show how much he is exalted and looked up upon by his people.

Thailand’s stability and prosperity can be greatly attributed to its king.  King Bhumibol’s timely interventions during disturbing political crisis, his prudent yet critical role in Thailand’s government is what makes him truly, king of kings.  He is wise and incisive but is always in the realm of his legal and constitutional powers.

King Bhumibol is a billionaire and one the world’s richest people.   He has also devoted himself in Thailand’s development projects, personally overseeing rural and agricultural development projects, land and water resources, education and public health.  He sees to it that he learns the suffering of his people first-hand by making countless trips to different parts of Thailand, most frequently the country sides and its remotest areas.

No monarch in the world   can be measured up to his popularity and can live up to his achievements as a King.  He has carried his crown with deep humanity, a caring monarch and a wise leader.  King Bhumibol indisputably is Thailand’s guiding light and the incomparable source of its power.

Videos from His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej