Discover, Explore, Experience…   All that is BANGKOK!

Bangkok or Krung Thep for Thais is home for approximately 7 million people and is Thailand’s capital.  It is situated near the Gulf of Thailand and is along the bank of the Chao Phraya River.  From being a port district and a minor trading center, Bangkok has come a long way.  It is now a glitzy, colorful, fun and at times, an even mind-blowing city.

Bangkok’s temples or “wats” are unique and splendid.  The architecture is just amazing and the decorations are simply breathtaking.  Early morning when the weather’s cooler and the temple’s would be least congested is the best time to pay them a visit.  These wats are not merely hallmarks but is a crucial element of the Buddhist religion.  Wat Pho and Wat Arun are some of Bangkok’s famous temples.  Wat Pho or The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is Bangkok’s largest temple.  It is the abode of the noted reclining Buddha.  The Buddha is 46 meters long and its 3 meter long feet is delicately adorned with mother-of-pearl images of the Buddha’s propitious ‘laksanas’ or characteristics.  Aside from this, you can also have a relaxing therapeutic massage integrated with yoga in Wat Pho. 

Wat Pho 

Wat Arun also known as the Temple of Dawn or locally called Wat Chaeng is located on the west side of the Chao Phraya River.  The fine craftsmanship of this temple makes it one of Thailand’s most exceptional temples.  It once roofed the Emerald Buddha and the Phra Bang.  Wat Arun is renowned for its spire reaching a height of 70 meters and skillfully decorated with teeny pieces of colored glass and patterns intricately laden with Chinese porcelain.

Aside from temples, Bangkok is also gleaming with dazzling skyscrapers and luxury hotels.  It is also famous for its floating markets boasting fresh produce of succulent fruits and vegetables.  It is also made infamous by its nightlife and ladyboy shows.  Ladyboy shows are Bangkok’s finest nocturnal entertainment.  It is jam-packed with humor, glitz and glamour.  You can also experience the thrill of a Muay Thai boxing match in Bangkok, where things can get really bloody and violent.  Definitely not for the weak at heart!

To satisfy your digestive juices, dinner cruises are plenty in Bangkok.  It is an excellent way of enjoying the view of city during the night while you drink and dine.  If you’re looking for some great deal shopping, Bangkok will undoubtedly delight you.  It has all the places to blow your pocket.  Take your pick from its bustling street markets to its modern air-conditioned super malls.  Just be sure to hone your bargaining powers and flash that big charming smile!  When you’re done shopping, shed that suit and let your hair down.  Indulge yourself with a Thai traditional massage.  Bangkok has numerous exotic and bizarre range of relaxing treatments, therapies and massages.

While in Thailand, be sure to do one or two of the mentioned activities.  This much and more will sure give you a great time and captivate you with all that is Bangkok!

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